Preface: A Plan Gone Awry!

It all began with grand ambitions, lofty dreams, and the excitement of stepping into the real world after graduating from university. Armed with a degree that I believed would lead me far, far away from the treacherous realm of exams, I thought I had bid farewell to those nerve-wracking study sessions forever. Oh, how wrong I was! 

As I tossed my graduation cap into the air, I had no inkling that the unpredictable winds of fate were about to blow me headlong into the chaotic world of actuarial science. You see, becoming an actuary was never part of my plan. In fact, I had never even given it a passing thought! 

And so, dear reader, this is the tale of my unplanned foray into the world of actuarial science, where exams and numbers reign supreme, and humour becomes the lifeline amidst the chaos. Join me as I recount this amazing journey, discovering the quirks, personalities, and unexpected adventures that await in the wacky world of actuaries. 

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